Today is a rainy fall kind of day
 Perfect for cooking
Or napping or working on the
 Current quilty project.

My day job has been killer lately
And husband and I have
 Been Cleaning out a old out building
 Mostly throwing stuff out
 But finding a few long lost treasures Which I am taking into town to a storage unit... one car load at a time.
I have made three trips so far this week... 
We are going to tear down that old building and plan on building a smaller but usable building.
Anyway I have been busy

I love this time of year
Fall makes me want to cook.
I enjoy cooking.. but the problem
Is I also like to eat.
I am supposed to be watching my food intake..and that is not going so well right now. 
Today I made some yummy
Chicken noodle vegetable soup
For dinner tonight. I want to make some fresh bread to..but I am trying to be good and not make it
Peanut butter cake sounds good to
But neither would be
 good for my hips....
I did get some house keeping
 Done I think I will take a quick
Nap before heading
 to the studio to get a bit of quilting in.
Maybe that will take my mind off 
Wanting to bake.

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Jean said...

I have been teetering on the edge of dieting the past month and finally started back on the south beach first 2 weeks eating plan again. I have been on SB for almost 2 years, but over the past year I have slid off quite a bit! lol I am starting to gain the weight back that I lost, so I don't want to let that happen. I don't do much baking anymore as I would just eat it. I don't have much self control anymore. It's either don't eat it, or eat it all!