I am not getting much done this week. Husband has been off work and I don't get much done with him around. lol oh well... Yesterday we went to dinner with friends. Actually we met them there. We had not been to this place before but it was fun. They had a indoor arena which was closed off with glass. We could watch the rodeo while we ate... This particular night it was mostly kids...some of them to small to get on their horse without help. LOL Several were on ponies....They would race down the arena jump off their horse and tie a ribbon onto a goats tail.
The goat was tethered but just stood there did not try to run or anything. They had other events, calf roping, and some times runs, I am sure there were several events but that is what we saw during our meal.. I loved the kids and the goat LOL some of those kids could not have been more that 5 or 6 years old and had no fear. The food was good to. On the way to dinner I saw a quilt shop It was closed but I am sure I can find it again.. LOL To bad it is 80 miles away. or Is that a good thing? I did a tiny bit of piecing today but nothing to show. Husband goes back to work tomorrow so perhaps I can get some things done.

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