I have to be organized at least in my mind in order to function. I usually take a few minuets on Sunday evening or Monday morning to kind of make a things to do list for the next few days. This list is usually not a real list that I can cross off but a mental list. Some things get done by habit. Like on Monday I usually clean out the fridge. It is a habit and if I even think about forgetting the dog reminds me by setting on the deck staring at me as I come and go from the house. LOL Silly dog. I keep a calender so that I can see what I have to do for the month ( sometimes longer ) I see that I have a block party next week and I have my block already made so that is done. I have a guild meeting next week ...I do not have my things finished for that sooo that will be done this week. I have some book work that needs doing end of year stuff. Yuck !! Daughter called last night and reminded me that THE WEDDING is 5 months away and we have a lot left to do. A cater will be chosen soon. All of the flowers are chosen and most of the table decorations are chosen. Things just need to be pulled together. OK so that is my list this week. I will have the DWR pieced this month. I have a quilt to finish quilting this week.

So far I am getting a slow start. I overslept this morning. I guess I am tired. Instead of getting busy I am on the computer. Time to finish my coffee get dressed and get busy. I need to order a pattern ....Now where did I put that paper? LOL

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Jean said...

Hope you got off to a great start and got lots done after you got woke up. I hate to oversleep...seems like you are behind all day. I had my first day back to school was very busy.