I have been neglecting my blog.... I just do not want a doom and gloom blog, but it has been gloomy here. Rainy dizzily yucky weather. I have been doing a little quilting but most of my time has been spent with meetings and more doctor appointments Husband is doing so much better but we still have follow up visits. Then there is son..he had that four wheeler accident about two months ago, remember...Well he has been in the hospital a week now with a blood clot and a abscess in the leg. Sigh !!! The clot is not in any danger of moving but it still must be treated. It is amazing how life changes with the blink of a eye. All will be well again very soon I am sure, every one is mending and that just takes time. Did I mention that son is not a patient person.?
They had daughter is law's baby shower, I had such fun with that. I did not have any photos to post so I took a photo of the basket of goodies I had for her so far. Yes I am still working on some baby quilts, slowly working on some baby quilts. Oh well the good news is he will always need quilts for his big kid bed. Which is good because it might just take me that long.
Can you believe it....in just the blink of the eye I will be a Grandma !!!!!! OK I have to wait until December. Which is not far off.

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Jean said...

How exciting...a new baby will be so fun. Scary as it sounds, Dec. will be here before we know it.