It was another stormy rainy day in Missouri.....So I made this. One loaf of bread and one small pan of sticky rolls. They will go nicely with dinner. I was digging in some tubs and found this.. I had found it the first time a month or so ago. Then it was mostly hand quilted and some machine quilting maybe with the domestic machine? and the rest UN quilted. It was a mess....I removed all the stitching and I will machine quilt it some day. Really I will...

I added the border on this old U F O. I made the border bigger because I thought I might want to scallop it? I had almost forgotten how to do a mitered border. Almost. LOL

I also pieced the border and added it to this panel..I think it's cute even if it is a panel.

Spent a large part of the day just looking at books, in tubs of fabric....Looking for inspiration, quilting ideas, just inspiration in general. What else is a stormy, rainy, gloomy day good for.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

gloomy days, great time to bake and search thru books.