what ave I been doing? Well between working the day job and doctor visits. I have been washing and hanging curtains. Thinking about making some new ones. Just something simple.

I managed to complete this Nappy bag for my DIL. I may never make another one ever. LOL OK so it really was not hard but it did take a lot of fabric and several hours to complete. This thing has several layers and a ton of pockets and it is huge, 24 X 12 plus the handles. This is a Amy Butler pattern and really was not difficult to make. It took almost 7 yards of fabric plus the interfacing...this made the bag and a changing pad. For the changing pad I just bought a package of two from Wall-Mart cut one in half and pillow turned it with some of the fabric. This just shows the inside. The bag is fine but with the cost of the supplies and the time it took...I could have bought two store bought bags... But then it would not have been a Nappy bag from me. !
I have also been messing about with this... I was thinking I would try some shadow trapunto. I am not sure that this blue will show up behind this white fabric, But I do not want to re mark the top either. I have decided to mark cross hatching for the background...then decide if I want to try the blue or not.

I have also been messing about trying to get a quilting pattern for the little wall hanging in the last post. ( The one with the applique center and the wide outer border. ) Can't seem to get it just right but, I will eventually. LOL
I have a meatloaf in the oven for dinner..It is starting to smell Yummy!!!! Sometimes my meatloaf is good....sometimes it is just OK. I am hoping for good this time..

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