I have no photos to share this time, I left my camera in the house and it was pouring rain so I was NOT going back for it. LOL Yesterday was opening deer gun season for us. Not that I actually have to do anything with it. Today is just poured all day so I am sure hunting was miserable for the hunters.

Daughter was home for a visit I enjoyed that. We visited my parents yesterday and MIL today. All are well and all had a nice visit especially daughters dog Levi. He knows just who to ask for cookies ( dog biscuits ).

I loaded a quilt on the machine today to be quilted. This one is getting a panto. I also stitched together some of the blocks for a charity quilt for my guild. Like I said no photos due to rain.

OK do it is due to me not wanting to get soaked again today. Time for something hot to drink and curl up with a blanket until I get toasty and fall asleep.

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