The 50 TH celebration went well.. A good time was had by all.

The boys all played horse shoes for to watch..

The girls... Well I guess we watched the boys...LOL Some things do not change.
My parents had some 8mm film that they had transferred to DVD. Part of it was their wedding...
Hey Dad had hair back then, LOL and Mom was bashful. Part of the film was a bit later..
I was 4 or so....I have the same hair cut and the same attitude today. LOL Well OK almost the same hair cut..I swear I have not always had this cut. LOL I can prove it I really can. LOL Most of the film was of dogs...puppies...I so loved puppies... There was a place where we were feeding some swans bread.... I said ..HEY that is the swan that bit me...hateful swan..Mom said well you were supposed to give the swan the bread.....but it was my bread and I did not want to give it up so the swan took it...LOL hateful swan...LOL
It was a good day.

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Vivian said...

Sounds like lovely gathering. I am sure your parents really appreciated having everyone together to commemorate their special day.