This photo has nothing to do with my report but..I did not have anything new to share..I like this one. OK on to my report....
1. I have the wall hanging mostly loaded and ready for quilting. Thread is chosen and most of the quilting decided upon. My hold up was the batting. The piece of batting I intended to use is to small. This piece is only a 36 inch square so I may piece the batting and use it any way. I had to stop and fix dinner so that had to wait.
2. The place mats are trimmed and the binding is cut but not not really finished.
3.The bindings.....I did do about half of the small quilt.
For next week I am going to continue with the above projects focusing on the quilting this small quilt.

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Anonymous said...

You sound like me just continuing what I had the week before. Sometimes that is life for sure!

You had the big anniversary celebration going, so that kept you busy and sure looked like fun.

Hope you have a productive week this week!