I wanted to add to my ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT.

Last week I spent one day at MQS which was a lot of fun. The quilts were wonderful, I did not spend a lot of time with the vendor's but I enjoyed the day. As for goals for next week... Well I will not have a lot of time... My parents had their 50 Th wedding anniversary earlier this month. Our kids decided to throw them a celebration cook out / fish fry this Saturday. They wanted to have a old fashion weenie roast complete with bonfire but I nipped that in the bud quickly...I do not have time to gather wood for a bonfire and neither do the kids. LOL I should explain the weenie roast.... When the kids were small we used to have weenie roasts at my parents once or twice a year. so it would have been a trip down memory lane for us all..My parents would have loved it but they will love the fish fry almost as much. Back to goals..

1. I still need to bind a wall hanging and a baby quilt.
2. Load the wall hanging in last nights post and make the final thread chooses and quilting chooses.
3. Trim those place mats and make the binding.

OK that is enough for now..Go to Bari and check out what others are doing.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have gotten quite a bit done anyway! I would have LOVED to have gone to MQS, but just couldn't make it this year....

I also understand about not getting much done - my brother is getting married Memorial Day weekend in OK so the whole weekend is shot as we have to be there on Saturday, the wedding is Sunday evening, so we won't even get home until Monday. UGH. I will enjoy his wedding and am happy for him, but can't I just stay home? LOL


Vivian said...

Congratulations to your parents for that marriage milestone!

Weenie Roast, Fish Fry doesn't matter (because both sound good). Family, food and festivities is what makes the day. Enjoy it!