I quilted a little and then ripped out a little, No progress. LOL I may have found a way to continue with this thing and get it DONE. The fabric is a odd color and I simply can not find a thread to match. I am tired of looking so I am thinking I will just use smoke colored monofiliment. I hate working with the stuff because it is fine like hair. Can't see the stuff well at all but, It does not show on the quilt either. I want the feathers to show but not the back ground fill. Should work, I hope.

After I finished un stitching and re pinned, I did not want to try again right then. LOL I have a list of things to do. Cutting out a top and stitching it for one, But I did something I did not even know I wanted to do. LOL I put window treatments on my studio windows. NO I did not staple them to the wall. LOL This is a old wall hanging but it fits perfectly over the air conditioner.

My studio is in part of a old trailer house. This part of the cabinet under the sink is gone. Looked really ugly. Now it is better.

This is a small window that is on the opposite wall from the sink.

This one is directly across from my Gammill also a west window so to much sun and heat in the afternoon. I have the under layer tied together because I have the window open.
I did not even know I wanted curtains. I thought I was happy with the mini blinds. LOL
At least I got something done today after all.


Anonymous said...

You may not feel like you got much done, but wow! Those windows are nice! Isn't it nice to get little things like that finished up?

Can't wait to see what you are working on!


Shelly said...

I'm so proud that you didn't staple them to the wall! They look nice, and covering up ugly spots is something I have to do a lot of in our little shack, so I know what a difference it can make, not only in the dwelling, but in the attitude as well. Good job!

Jean said...

Sometimes it is good to get all the little things done that you think about while doing other quilting.