I did not take any photos to share again this week. I felt bad because by blog is starting to feel dull. So I found this photo of my lunch one day. I have no idea why I took a photo of it but is sure was tasty.


Well I got half my goals... Which is not saying much because I only had two. LOL

1. Hand stitch edges on BOM / Done. I did it at guild meeting last week.

2. Piece for one hour. / Nope not one stitch.

I did have a full week tho. I was working on a client quilt....had some machine problems. Got machine going again, finished client quilt and on time to. Yeah !!!! Went to my Longarm meeting. Had a great time there. Learned a thing or two as well. LOL I tidied up my studio. Well I put some things away and re stacked some piles. Had some family time in there some place.

Goals for next week.

1. Mail my registration forms for the OPQG show in September.

2. Piece for one hour.

3. Order spare parts for machine.
Go on over to Bari's to see what exciteing things every one else is doing.

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