Last weeks goals.....

1. Piece for one hour on my strip top. / I am not sure I got in a full hour but I did work on it.
2. Decide on how to quilt my challenge piece. / Done. I know what I want to quilt. Now to get time to quilt it.
3. Spend 30 minuets on that room. / Done. It is amazing what 30 minuets will do.

I did not take any photos because things look about the same as last week , just a few more strips stitched together.

Time has not been my friend lately, just not enough time to go around. I am going to keep it simple.

1. One of the blocks for the BOM needs hand stitched down. It is fused down but not stitched. I will stitch that down.
2. Piece for one hour.

That is it.. Work, client quilts and family all come first. Not necessarily in that order. I am feeling the need for some ME time.... not this week tho. But soon.

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crossroadsquilts said...

You actually got quite a bit done this week! Way to go!

Amazing how time can just be sucked up during the summer, isn't it? I just don't know where it goes....LOL

Can't wait to see your challenge quilt! (Speaking of which, I need to get to work on mine!)