Last weeks goals.

1. Client quilts. I finished the one small one I was working on Plus one. Eight to go. OK so I snuck two of mine in the list. If any clients read this...No worries ! Yours will go before mine. LOL I have a business rule. Client quilts within one month or less. Usually less. I just have to make a place for something of mine once in a while, even if they get pushed back a bit. Hey I am not complaining..I am just saying!!! A four week turn around and I get to fit something of mine in once in a while.

2. Post photos. DONE

3. Transfer stuff from computer to disk. DONE

I try to keep up with this chore but usually end up doing most of it at the end of or the beginning of the year. To many times I have lost important things by waiting to long to save to disk. I am trying to do better with this.

I love this bird house, although no birds have ever lived here. One winter a mouse moved in. Last summer wasps moved in. That was a problem because this house sets on my deck rail close to the door. I am considering just closing the door and forgetting about it ever housing birds.

The little guy patiently waiting for his lunch. I wonder what he is thinking? LOL

I don't usually post photos of client quilts but this one is just so cute and happy. Charoltte I hope you don't mind, I just could not resist. I love this quilt. So cute and happy.
Time for next week's goals. Humm.. OK so I have a full week ahead, and it is sooo cold ( -4 wind chill this morning) it is going to be difficult to get the quilting house warm enough to work.
Note to self... Work on better heating for next year. Humm Goals! I guess it is going to have to be hand work. I have 12 blocks left to button stitch for that OLD UFO. That is it!! How many can I finish. That's it something portable I can carry with me.


Alycia said...

You did well! Its okay to sneak a few of yours in there - or you will NEVER be warm!!!

Anonymous said...

You did get quite a bit done! The client quilt is bright and pretty - nice change with this weather, LOL!

Of course it is permissible to sneak your own quilts in there! Why else do you have a longarm if not to get some of your own stuff done also. If I couldn't do some of my own piecing and quilting I would go nuts.

I've been backing up my computer to an external harddrive also. I'm like you and should do it more often. Last time I did it was in June I think. My computer has been having some "issues" and I am afraid it might be on it's last now was the time to get it done!

I love the look on the little guy's face! How cute is that? LOL


Tamera said...

What a happy little quilt!