My week was filled with not very interesting things and I did not take any photos that I could post. So I pulled out this photo of the pouting dog. I know a boring week. LOL

Ok ...My goal for the week was to see how many of those old ufo blocks I could finish. I finished TWO that is it. Pathetic I know but that is it. I did do other things.

I have my tax papers ready. I finished a client quilt and took in another. I spent one day at my longarm group meeting and class. That was fun. Husband and I have a kind of a date night one night a week. We usually just stay in and just spend the time together. No quilting, no computer, no phone, no work related anything. Just us and some TV. I'm just saying..All work and no play makes for a dull day, or week.

Any one know how to remove white out from fabric? I had a little accident with a bottle of white out and got it on my phone, the couch, and me. Covered one hand and spotted my leg. LOL I have managed to get it off my phone, do not care about the sleeping pants that got spotted. I would like to get it off the couch. :( OR just never move the pillow.

Next weeks goals.. Next week will be a full week again with client things That's it. Working on client things. Do more old ufo blocks. Kind of a broken record but that is what I must do. A girls got to do what a girls got to do ya know.

Stop by Bari's to see what the others are doing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you might not have gotten many of the UFO blocks done, but look at what you did accomplish! Wow! Taxes, longarm meeting, client quilts....and a little down time is good for us!

Missed seeing you Saturday...didn't figure I better bring the twins!


Shelly said...

I'm swamped with customer quilts, too. It does keep me from getting my own stuff done!