This is what my yard looks like right now... Sigh! The month of July with such hot dry weather is taking a tole on things. I know that some places are even worse off than we are here and I am thankful for what we have.. really I am, but some rain would really be nice. We only water the tomatoes and the flowers I planted this spring. With only well water we are kind of careful with our water use. If the water tables drop to low we would have no water. I do not want to go there.

The tomatoes get watered twice a week for about a hour and a half each time and the flowers only get about twenty minuets a week. I may stop watering the tomatoes soon.

July has been ...well....HOT! every one knows that right? The thermometer at our house has been over 100 nearly every day. It is 6:30 PM right now and it reads 108!!! The last rain was 1.50 inches on July 2ND. I am thinking that if I want to continue to garden in the coming years..I might want to think about a rain barrel or two.

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