This is what I am working on.
My goal for the four days was to finish the quilting on this and quilt  six or seven small quilts.
The other small quilts are all  E T E so It is more of a matter of just doing it.

I am almost finished with the one in the photo but dang I have had a time with it. LOL
Isn't that how it goes sometimes.?
I have had it on and off the machine more times than I want to think about..
I think I just about wore it out pinning and unpinning.
Trying to get other quilts ( client quilts ) quilted, and for the UN sewing process..

All I have left to quilt is the one inch red inner border.
Then it will get squared bound washed and blocked. I sure hope the red does not run!!
Either way I have to wash the marks out..You cant see in this photo but I have marked a feather border in the cream outer border and those marks must come out.!!!
Please let them come out !!!!!

This is to hang as part of a display in a show this fall so those marks must come out.
I will take better photos after it is washed and blocked later in the month or next month.
This is quilted almost to a inch of its life LOL and I want you to see the quilting not the marks.

I am really surprised at how many hours this has taken me to quilt. I have honestly lost track of just how many hours but I think I need to reevaluate my pricing on this type of quilting. I am fairly sure it is taking twice as long as I expected.

Back to the red border.... I want it done.!!!!

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Jean said...

How did it wash up? HOw do you block your quilts? Do you always block them or just when you are hanging them up?