Well I guess I am back in business. I was allowed to load this photo any way.
I have had this account for some time and I was having some issues with a old ipa address that I no longer have but can't seen to get changed from the account. Still working on that.
The fee for storage on the account is a small monthly fee..not a big deal. I wanted to pay by the year but could not do that. At least for now I am back up and running.
This is what I wanted to show.
My nephew got married last week. They only gave us three weeks notice so I had no time to make them a quilt. This one is  close to being finished  and did not already have a home.
I showed them a photo and they liked it so now all I have to do is finish setting the rows together and get it quilted and bound.  They should be able to have their quilt sometime in 2013. LOL
I do have a couple of quilts that I have to finish first...and
 get threw Christmas and Christmas quilting.

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Tracy Joyner said...

Yeah, let's just get thru the rest of 2012! Maybe I'll get the yarn for their afghan for christmas! LOL